At last I’ve got my TKT sertificate! I took the examination in February and have been waiting for the results for two months. But I’ve got it at last and I’ve got band 4 – the best mark possible.

I would like to tell you how the exam has been held. There were 7 of us who сame to the exam: young teachers like me and some elder women. We sat at the desks that had numbers. Our examination papers also had the same numbers. The woman who led the exam, explained us the rules in English and marked the time when we’ve opened our papers. We had exactly 1 hour 20 minutes to make the exam and to write all the answers into the answer sheet. It was the first module of TKT – Language and background to language learning and teaching. There were 80 questions and I wouldn’t say they were difficult, especially for those who have a university degree in teaching English.

I’ve only passed the first module that day. I’m going to take the rest two moduls of the TKT in June. So after the examination I went home and some of the participants had a short break before the second module.

As for the preparation for the exam it took me about 2 weeks to read a special book on TKT twice. The book is written by people who have been closely involved in the developement of the TKT with Cambridge ESOL, so I decided that I don’t need any special courses for preparation for this exam. I was right – reading the book (with making all the exercises in it) was enough to prepare for the exam.

I also used the site and especially the Glossary on this site! The Glossary is very important because it contains all the terms that will be in the TKT. The Glossary is worth learning by heart, though many of the terms may seem very familiar :) You can find sample tests on the site. They are also useful.

So my impressions of the TKT are rather good. I think it’s important to have an international teaching sertificate because more and more employers requre it, it may be important for my students and, in addition, it’s a step in my professional growth. I’m already looking forward to the next exam!